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Teaching Career

  • Clark University, Worcester Massachusetts
  • Marywood College, Scranton Pennsylvania
  • SUNY at Binghamton
  • SUNY Oneonta

In the above organizations, I taught guitar technique and performance, composition and theory. While teaching at Clark, I incorporated early music workshops into my program.

Currently, I have a private practice and also conduct workshops from time to time in Europe.

Concert Highlights

  • Carnegie Hall
  • Royal Festival Hall - London
  • Austria
  • Moscow
  • Czech Republic
  • Belarus

Performances include classical ensembles, jazz ensembles and solo guitar

Compositional Output

My compositions are diverse, both musically and instrumentally. They include “Just For Friends” for flute and guitar and “Suite Ibiza” for solo guitar, both of which were published by Columbia Music. Other works include guitar duos, quartets and chamber music.

Editions Daminus of Germany published one of my works, entitled “When the Birds Say Goodbye to the Day”. My arrangement of “Deep River” was published as part of the IV International Competition for best arrangement of a folk song, at Belarus, Gomel (20050).

Other compositions were recently published in Classical Guitar (April 2006) and Soundboard Vol. XXX, #4 (2004-5) and Vol. XXXII # 1&2 (2006).

I actively compose music for film and theatre organizations in New York City. In October 2004, Televideo International presented my second guitar recital at Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall.

For reviews and interviews concerning my compositions please see Classical Guitar Magazine and Soundboard Journal.

Jim has written compositions for

  • Gabriel Guillen
  • Norbert Dams
  • Jan de Kloe
  • Vladislav Bláha
  • Eleftheria Kotzia
  • Srdjan Bulat

International festivals - adjudicator and other participation

  • Duties: Adjudicator 2006; 2007; 2008

    World Premier of my composition “Six Moods for Classical Guitar and Jazz Quartet” was performed in 2007.

  • Duties: Adjudicator, performer and teacher (guitar master classes) 2007; 2008


Duties: Adjudicator for solo and ensemble competition. Performed in Minsk and Gomel.

Other Festivals as Attendee

  • 2003 - Mexico
  • 2004 - Montreal
  • 2005 - Oberlin
  • 2006 - Columbus, Georgia


Columbia Music

Suite Ibiza Solo Guitar
Just for Friends Flute and Guitar

Edition Daminus

Southern Echoes Bass & Guitar
Northern Echoes Marimba & Guitar
Goodbye Geordie Bass, Oboe, Flute & Guitar
When the Birds Say Goodbye to the Day Solo Guitar
Prelude Oboe & Guitar
The Trees They Do Grow High Two Guitars
Ribbons of Love Four Guitars
Two Jazzy Moods Solo Guitar
Three Memories Solo Guitar
In the Homage to John Duarte, the A is natural in measure 48 and in "A Lancashire Lass" at measure 20, the second beat should be F# not G

Classical Guitar Magazine

Deep River April 2006
The Merry Golden Tree April 2006

Soundboard Journal GFA

Afterthoughts All 2004-2005
Homage John Duarte
A Lancashire Lass
GFA Soundboard Journal Volume XXXVII. No.3 2011
"Style and Influences in the Early Works of John Duarte"

International Music Diffusion, Paris

Eleftheria Kotzia's new method LE CAHIER DE MA GUITARE VOL 2
Feilles D’Automne Study for the 7th Position

Reviews of these compositions can be found in Classical Guitar Magazine (UK):

Southern Echoes November 2007
Prelude December 2007
Goodbye Geordie January 2008
The Trees They Do Grow High February 2008
Northern Echoes February 2008
When the Birds Say Goodbye to the Day March 2008
Cross String Study No. 1 December 2009

Review of Silver Linings in Classical Guitar Magazine

This amiable and relaxing recording suitably demonstrates the musical skills of the highly talented New York guitarist/composer Jim Skinger. Writing in a mostly classical/jazz fusion idiom he has produced a very attractive package with this programme of entirely his own compositions; none of which fall below the category of 'charming', indeed this is a very alluring and rewarding CD, one which compels repeated playings.

To add to the appeal Skinger is joined on several tracks by various other musicians playing oboe, flute, bass, keyboard, sax and percussion.

Altogether a very nicely planned programme, extremely well performed and recorded.

Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar, December 2009

Review of Visions in Classical Guitar Magazine

Hailing from New York, the talented guitarist/composer Jim Skinger here presents a disc of skillful and intelligent compositions and arrangements. This is a disc to play late at night, soaking in the lovely melodies and harmonies he creates in these jazz/blues/classical works.

He is joined on various tracks by a talented group of four other musicians performing on oboe, flute, bass, and marimba and each one adds greatly to the quality of the music.

The programme is brought to a close in folky style with Skinger’s delightful take on the English folk ballad Among the leaves So Green O and The Water is Wide based upon the Scottish tune Waly, Waly.

I had the pleasure of reviewing his previous album Silver Linings when that one was released and I found this present one just as delightful. A very well thought out programme. Well performed from all concerned and with a nicely balanced recorded sound.

Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar, May 2014


  • Just for Friends
  • Many Roads
  • Silver Linings
  • Visions